What Is the Best Prescription Diet Pill

Phentramin-d is the closest over-the-counter alternative to the best prescription diet pill, Phentermine.

When you’re trying to discover the best prescription diet pill, the answer requires quite a bit of additional context.  Though it would be wonderful if there was a single medication that provides the ideal support for all patients prescribed an obesity treatment, it’s not quite that straightforward.  After all, drugs behave differently from one person to the next, and the option that is best for you depends on your medical history, the type of lifestyle changes recommended for you and the challenges you’ve been facing when trying to keep up your diet.

Discussing the Best Prescription Diet Pill Options with Your Doctor

The most popular obesity drug is called Phentermine. Of course, whether the most popular and the best prescription diet pill are the same thing depends on your body and your weight loss strategy. Phentermine 37.5 was first approved in by the FDA in the United States in 1959.  It has been used under that name, and under the brand name Adipex, among others, for treating obesity since that time.

Since Phentermine is known as being relatively safe to take by the right obesity patient while following a doctor prescribed list of lifestyle changes, it makes it a common prescription for patients who need assistance in keeping up with those lifestyle changes.

Like all prescription medications, even the best prescription diet pill – including Phentermine – comes with certain risks.  This most commonly involves mild side effects but can also include moderate or even severe side effects.  Furthermore, it is addictive, so it has been associated with withdrawal symptoms that can be very uncomfortable.

For this reason, many obesity patients are told not to suddenly cease using this medication. Instead, if this is the best prescription diet pill for you, your doctor will likely recommend a gradual cessation plan.  Moreover, to avoid that issue in the first place, a doctor will usually prescribe this medication to you for only a few weeks at a time, with some time in between to allow it to leave your system.

What if the Strongest Diet Pill You Need is Non-Prescription?

Even if Phentermine would be the best prescription diet pill, this doesn’t mean that it is appropriate for you.  For instance, if you’re not dealing with obesity, then the strongest diet pill you’ll likely have recommended to you is non-prescription.

This could mean that the best option for you is Phentramin-d, FENFAST 375, KETO FASTCUT, TRIMTHIN X700 or another well reputed product comprised exclusively of clinically researched ingredients.

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