What Is the Best Prescription Diet Pill

There are various methods available that one can use to lose weight and among the common ones is the taking of diet pills. Although the number of people who take diet pills is astronomical, there remains quite a number who do not know what an good diet pill consists of. Most weight loss products on the market promise to do much for the dieter and end up disappointing them after some time. The best prescription diet pill should be able to do exactly what it says it will do for the dieter within the duration promised. This will help the dieter save much money as they will not keep going back to buy something that does not work.

Phentramin-d is the closest over-the-counter alternative to the best prescription diet pill, Phentermine.
Phentramin-d is the closest over-the-counter alternative to the best prescription diet pill, Phentermine.

There is no point in going for a prescription diet pill that will only end up harming the body in the process of losing weight as one will only end up in hospital with more serious ailments. Dieters should make sure that the pill they buy for weight loss is relatively safe and its ingredients will not cause them to suffer allergic reactions. Prior to buying a prescription diet pill, the user should always get the approval and prescription from their own doctor who is informed about their medical history.

The best prescription diet pill is Phentermine. Phentermine, also commonly known as Adipex or Phentermine 37.5, was approved in 1959 by the FDA for the treatment for obesity and since then has helped thousands of people lose weight. Although Phentermine is relatively safe to take on its own, the combination of this drug with other medications, such as in the case of Fen-Phen, was the result of a rash of users experiencing life-threatening side effects.

Some prescription diet pills are associated with quite a number of side effects. Some of the common side effects are depression, high blood pressure, fever, chest pain, hair loss, heart damage, impotence and so on. From the list one can be able to tell that some of the side effects are quite serious and might be fatal or end up ruining a person’s life forever. Dieters are therefore advised to not take prescription diet pills that have the potential to cause serious side effects, unless under the direct guidance of a physician. Dieters are also warned against off-label drug combinations of prescription diet pills with other medications, as was the case with Fen-Phen.

In most cases, even if people are using the best prescription diet pill, there is still a need for exercise and a proper diet to lose weight. The best prescription diet pills allow people to also work out as they take them. Since most prescription diet pills are supposed to treat obesity within a short period of time, it should not take long before one can start seeing the effects of the prescription diet pill they are taking.

Prescription diet pills can be quite beneficial in helping severely overweight persons lose weight, but in some instances they can be dangerous. Instances in which taking prescription diet pills can be dangerous are when they react with other drugs that the dieter is taking or when they are taken by dieters with particular conditions such as pregnancy, high blood pressure or heart problems. It is necessary to inform your doctor if you have any existing health conditions and allergies or are taking any medication before buying prescription diet pills.

Even Phentermine, the best prescription diet pill, requires a prescription from your doctor in order to buy it. Phentermine cannot be purchased legally online without a prescription. For this reason, many people desperate to lose weight who are not able to obtain a prescription for Phentermine are buying the closest Phentermine alternative, Phentramin-d. Weight loss results with Phentramin-d have been extremely positive, with very few, if any, side-effects reported.

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