Dangers of Taking Herbal Diet Pills

The diet industry is one of the most confusing industries in the world. That is mostly because so many products come onto the market without regulation, and they all make claims that are not backed up by scientific research. The diet industry is one of the most lucrative, as it seems everyone has at least a few pounds they want to get rid of, but they can not seem to do it on their own. The biggest problems, other than that most things simply do not work, is that some of these are downright dangerous. Herbal diet pills can be helpful, but they can also be downright deadly. Find out more before you take anything.

Some diet pills contain herbal ingredients that seem innocent, but some can still pose you harm, such as Senna Leaf when taken for long periods of time.
Some diet pills contain herbal ingredients that seem harmless, but some can still pose a risk to your health, such as Senna Leaf when taken for long periods of time.

The words natural, herbal, and even effective are used without regulation. Something can be natural, meaning it comes from nature, and can be deadly to the wrong person. Herbal often gives someone the impression that whatever is contained within is from nature so it must be safe, but that is hardly the case. Some herbs and other natural ingredients can interact with prescription medications with deadly results, and some can even be deadly on their own. Sadly, the consumer has little information to go on until something bad happens – and that can be too late.

You may remember ephedra or ephedrine. This was in a pill called Stacker, among others. This supplement was considered both herbal and natural, yet was yanked from the market because it was dangerous and deadly (Stacker was pulled from the market, but did come back later without the dangerous addition of ephedrine). Another example of an herbal diet pill gone bad is Hydroxycut, which was just recently recalled in the US in May 2009 because of cases of reported liver damage in some users.

In the 1990s, a woman in California was drinking an herbal tea to help with weight loss. She passed away at the age of 37, seemingly as she slept. As it turned out, an herbal ingredient called senna was the culprit. This is a natural laxative that can do serious damage when used over the long term. It throws the electrolyte balance in the body off so far that heart failure and arrhythmia can ensue.

Gaurana is a natural ingredient that may be dangerous to some people. It works much like caffeine, so anyone with heart problems or high blood pressure should avoid it. There are many other herbs that are dangerous for a small portion of the population. If you have a medical condition, you could be one of those people. The best thing to do is to avoid any herbal diet pills; however, if you feel you want to try something, then do extensive research for the sake of your health.

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