How Long is it Safe to Take Diet Pills?

HOW LONG IS IT SAFE TO TAKE DIET PILLSWhen you are considering taking diet pills you may be wondering how long you will be able to take them in order to continue to see the advantages they provide.  The answer isn’t as simple as a set number of days, weeks or even months.  There are many factors to take into consideration before deciding how long you can safely continue taking your prescription or supplements.

Is it Safe to Take Diet Pills for a Long Time?

The thing is that the majority of diet pills are meant only for short-term use, to provide you with the assistance you need to be able to build the right weight loss habits without feeling as many negative side effects from the process such as hunger or being tired.

Prescription vs Non-Prescription Diet Pills

The majority of non-prescription diet pills should not be taken for any longer than a 6- to 12-month period. Many prescription diet pills, such as Phentermine, should only be taken for even shorter periods of time ranging from one to three months.

Factors deciding how long it is safe to take diet pills include everything from the individual ingredients to their effects, side effects, addiction risk, and even your own weight throughout the length of time you use them.

Speak to Your Doctor

For best results, you should speak to your doctor about the ideal length of time for you and the type of weight loss you require. This is the case when you have been prescribed an obesity drug.  That said, it is equally important even if you’re taking a weight loss support supplement.  You may not need a prescription to get it, but your doctor’s guidance regarding its use can always help you to know you’re using it safely for your needs and expectations.

You Cannot Safely Take Diet Pills for a Very Long Time

Prescription diet pills cannot be taken for long periods of time for a number of reasons. They’re simply not meant for the long-term. The first is that the pills do actually lose their efficacy over time as your body builds up a tolerance against their effects. The first few weeks of your diet pill program will be the time where you see the largest impact from taking diet pills.

The second reason is that if you take diet pills too long, you risk forming a dependency. This is why it is critical that you don’t increase the dosage on your own if you start to feel the effects waning over time. If you want to know what you do if the pills aren’t working as well as they used to, the best advice is to call or make an appointment to speak with your doctor. Indeed, your dosage might change, or you may be taken off the pill so that your tolerance level will lower and will again be effective for you in the future.

Lastly, there are many health risks associated with taking prescription diet pills for a prolonged period of time. If you risk taking too high a dosage of diet pills or taking them for too long you are at risk of high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, and many other discomforts and dangerous issues. Furthermore, if you do form a dependency, then once you go off the diet pills, it will be a great deal harder to try to continue losing weight or even maintain what you’ve already lost.

What About Non-Prescription Diet Pills?

The length of time it is safe to take non-prescription diet pills depends on the individual formula.  No product can be taken forever, but some can be taken for longer periods of time than others.  In these cases, it’s best to follow the product directions. If the safe amount of time you can use the product is not mentioned on the product packaging or on its official website, it never hurts to contact the company behind the product to ask.

Alternatively, you can also speak with a doctor, nurse or pharmacist to find out how long it is safe to take the product or any of the specific ingredients within the product if they are not familiar with the pills you have selected for yourself.

Remember that your diet pills are not a weight loss solution but are only a tool to help you to achieve your goal weight and live a healthier lifestyle. Use the time that you’re on the diet pills to learn how to eat properly with the right nutritious foods in proper portion sizes. Don’t forget to incorporate exercise into your routine as well. This way, once you’re no longer taking diet pills, you’ll have built up the best long-term habits for weight control.

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