Great Ways to Break Your Plateau at the Gym

How to Break Your PlateauWhen you are trying to be great about sticking to your workouts at the gym, the thought of putting the effort in to break your plateau can take a serious toll on your motivation. You can blame lack of sleep, poor hydration, or any number of other issues that could get in the way of fitness progress, but whatever the reason, they are a genuine nuisance.

Fortunately, there are some fantastic ways to get yourself back on the right track, even if you’ve been struggling to break your plateau. The key is to make sure that you know what is holding you back so that you can make the right adjustments and propel yourself forward.

You aren’t tracking your actions – take a moment to think about how your fitness program was designed. Did you create it yourself or did a professional help you? When was the last time you changed the routine or increased its level of challenge? It could be time to ask a physical fitness expert to have a look at your current routine to see if there are any changes needed. When you have the right routine designed, track your progress so that you can actually see what is working.
You may not be eating enough – by exercising to your fullest without giving yourself enough to eat, you can force your body into a plateau or you may even cause it to work against your goals. Eating too few calories and nutrients can cause your workouts to feel harder than they should, it will take more recovery time to be fresh enough to continue with the next phase of your workout, and your body will hang on to the fat that it has stored because it needs added protection for your heart and body organs in terms of being able to provide enough fuel for them to function. Have another look at your nutrition plan to make sure that it aligns properly with your training efforts.
Take the right steps for the goal you have set – you may be eating in a healthy way and exercising every day, but are you actually doing what is appropriate for your specific goal? Are you trying to lose weight with your efforts? Are you trying to build your strength? You need to make sure that the efforts that you are making are focused on actually reaching your goal in order to break your plateau. Otherwise, while you may be improving in other areas, you won’t be advancing when it comes to the achievement you want the most.

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