Supermarket Food Swaps to Save Money and Lose Weight

Food Swaps for weight loss

There are tons of tips and articles out there that make incredible recommendations for ways that you can swap out what you’re currently buying at the supermarket in favor of something better for you and your diet. There’s only one problem: they cost a fortune!

The good news is that even though some of the most popularly talked-about swaps can be expensive, there are still tons of healthy and diet friendly alternatives out there that won’t break the bank. In fact, you might even find yourself saving money as you purchase these alternatives instead of your usual options.

The following are some amazing health and weight loss supermarket upgrades you can purchase while spending less money:

• Instead of granola, buy oatmeal

Despite granola’s many downfalls as a weight loss food, it has a firm hold in people’s minds when they want to eat healthfully. In fact, if you call to mind some of the foods you think are the best to incorporate into a healthy and natural diet, granola will likely find its place in the top ten, near kale and chia seeds. The fact is that, for what it is, granola is quite expensive and can also serve up a huge amount of sugar, fat and calories. You could eat twice the amount of old-fashioned or steel-cut oats for half the sugars, fats, calories and price tag. At the same time, you’ll promote weight loss, heart health and lower cholesterol.

• Instead of pita chips, buy bell peppers

Bell peppers are delicious and crunchy while giving you a ton of nutrients, fiber and antioxidants at the same time. Cut up some bell pepper strips and keep them handy for snacking instead of pita chips, which are far higher in salt, fat and calories. What’s more, you can enjoy bell pepper strips with the same dips, like hummus, if you want to jazz it up a bit. Eating these veggies instead of pita chips will save a considerable amount of money every month as a full sized pepper is usually around a quarter of the price of a bag of pita chips.

• Instead of microwave popcorn bags, buy air-popped popcorn kernels

Even the plain and not buttery type of microwave popcorn contains a surprising number of ingredients, including far more oils. This means more calories for what could easily be a very light and high fiber snack. Moreover, when you buy the kernels it’s about a fifth to a sixth of the price of buying the bags.

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