The Reality of the Top Instagram Food Trends

Healthy Instagram Food Trends

If there’s anything Instagram users love, it’s food. And healthy, appealing food is a must when you’re taking diet pills to lose weight. Food is photographed so much and shared on that social media platform that entire eating strategies are developed around what’s there. Many of them promise to be amazing for your health or to help you to transform your body. While many of them are great, others aren’t as good as they look.

It’s important to understand the difference between the foods that look incredible and the ones that are actually good for you. After all, just because a food is photogenic, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it contains the perfect balance of nutrients and calories for your daily requirements.

Check out some of the top Instagram food trends and what they’re actually doing for you:

• Mermaid toast

This dish looks absolutely gorgeous but when it all comes down to it, it’s cream cheese with food coloring on white bread toast. That’s a lot of empty calories plus a few unnecessary chemicals in the food dye. If you want to take part in this trend without the empty calories and unnecessary excess fats, a few small changes will make all the difference. Choose reduced fat cream cheese and mix it with all natural plant based food coloring. Then, spread it over whole grain toast.

• Smoothie bowls

These gorgeous meals made of bright colors make it easy to bring together several nutrient dense foods while boosting your hydrating and increasing your fiber. If you eat only fruit, you could end up spiking your blood sugar and causing your body to store more fat than you should considering the low calorie count. However, if you combine an amazing mix of fruits, vegetables (especially leafy greens) and protein such as Greek style yogurt and chia seeds, you’ll have a gorgeous, tasty and highly nutritious meal on your hands.

• Energy balls

These little snacks are dense, tasty and can indeed give you a sudden energy boost that can make it easier for you to get more out of your workouts. That said, keep in mind that they are also pretty hefty in the calorie department, so you won’t want to overdo it on these little treats. They’re meant to help spike your energy but not necessarily to kill your hunger.

• Avocado toast

Avocado on whole grain bread can be great for you, but not if you eat it the way it’s presented on Instagram. You’ll rapidly overwhelm your daily calories by eating that much avocado. Keep in mind that one avocado contains over 300 calories. Eat no more than a quarter of the fruit on a piece of whole grain toast and put an egg on top and you’ll have a much more complete meal without annihilating your daily calorie limit.

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