How Your Work is Making You Fat

How Work is Making You Fat
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A workplace may be a fantastic place to earn a living and advance a rewarding career, but it can severely limit our ability to follow whichever weight loss strategy we want. After all, many of the recommendations for the top diets require us to have a rather flexible schedule. For example, many nutritionists may recommend that we eat five or six meals per day instead of three, but who has that many breaks at work?

Still, when all is said and done, pretty much every job can work with a healthy and effective weight loss strategy, but it’s up to us to make it work. Many of us think that it’s our work that is getting in the way of losing weight when, in truth, we are the ones making the mistakes.

Consider the following top mistakes we’re making at work that are making our efforts to lose weight much more challenging.

• You skip meals

Skipping meals, particularly breakfast, is likely the most common and yet most damaging habits when it comes to weight control. Missing a meal holds us back in a spectrum of ways. This includes everything from slowing down your metabolism to giving you food cravings and leaving you so starving when meal time comes around that you make unwise food selections, eating the wrong foods and far too much of them. If you struggle with time in the morning, make your breakfast the night before and choose something you can eat on the go.

• You don’t bring food with you

If you don’t pack your lunch and snacks to bring with you, it means that you’ll need to buy lunch at work. Not only is this a more expensive route to take, it nearly guarantees that you’ll reduce the variety and nutrition of your meals and you’ll eat far more calories, sodium and sugar than you would with home prepared foods. Start making extra portions at dinnertime so you’ll already have your lunch made and ready to go in the morning. Leftovers are a fantastic way to ensure that you have food to bring with you each day.

• You’re always indulging in treats at your workplace

Whether it’s doughnuts in the staff room or candy in your coworkers dish, workplaces tend to be full of sugary and fatty snacks. Indulging once every rare occasion won’t hurt you, but if you’re having something on a regular basis, this little bites can be far more damaging than you may think. Consider using a calorie and nutrition tracker to get a better idea of the impact of the foods you’re eating every day. Include absolutely everything you eat in a day, even if it’s just a single jellybean or doughnut hole. When you’re accountable for every calorie and aware of what you’re eating, you’ll find yourself making much smarter choices.

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