Top Signs You Need to Stop Losing Weight

need to stop losing weightAs you work hard to lose weight, it can be easy to make a lifestyle out of the habits after you’ve been doing it for a while. Once you successfully work all your different eating strategies and fitness routines into your life for a while, they start to feel normal. This can be the time in which weight loss comes the most smoothly for you as it becomes a regular part of your daily life. For many people, this is the healthiest way to achieve weight loss over the long term.

That said, once you do make it a part of your life and you begin losing regular amounts of weight, it’s very important for you to keep your perspective about weight loss. Because excess fat comes off as gradually as it does, it can be difficult for you to truly see what you look like when you look in the mirror. Certainly, after a while even you can see your own improvements, particularly in the way your clothing fits. However, because we’re naturally quite critical of the way we look, it’s easy to focus on the areas we simply don’t feel are perfect instead of seeing the bigger picture.

The outcome of this can be that you may not realize when you’ve actually lost enough weight. Many people reach their weight loss goal and then decide to keep trying to lose simply because they still see areas in their bodies that they aren’t perfectly satisfied with. This can become an ongoing issue, particularly among people who don’t recognize the signs that are telling them that enough is enough.

Do you know when your body is telling you that you shouldn’t be losing weight anymore and that you’ve achieved your healthy goal? Consider the following:

• You’re continually fatigued – When you just can’t seem to get your energy back and you’re yawning all day long no matter how many extra cups of coffee you’ve had, your dieting may be to blame. This doesn’t mean that an intense workout wears you down. However, when you’re having trouble keeping up with your regular daily activities, such as walking up and down a flight of stairs, you might want to look into whether you’ve already reached your weight loss goal, regardless of your prior plans.

• You are starting to have a gaunt look – If your face is starts looking gaunt, drawn or sunken, you may have already lost too much weight. You could be so focused on your waistline or your thigh gap, for example, that you haven’t seen your whole face in the mirror. When you lose too much weight, you don’t just burn fat, but muscle, too.

• You look saggy or flabby – When you start burning muscle as well as fat, you can start to look as though you’re flabby when it’s actually sagging skin. Losing weight too fast or losing too much weight can actually give you the appearance of being heavier than you actually due to the sagging look it produces.

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