Have Your Reached the Right Body Weight Without Knowing It?

Reached the Right Body WeightMany of us work toward weight loss with a certain goal in mind. It could be something a doctor guided us to use as a goal weight or it may be something we came up with on our own. However, as much as it’s important to keep that goal in mind as motivation to keep going, it’s also important to note that goals can sometimes change over time.

This doesn’t mean that you should cheat on your weight loss strategy or that you should stop early. However, it does mean that once you have reached a very good and healthy body weight, you may want to stop working to lose more weight even if you haven’t arrived at your goal yet. Because when all is said and done, the true purpose of your dieting is to help you to look your best and have the healthiest possible body at the same time.

If you have reached your ideal weight, it shouldn’t matter what your goal weight actually is. It’s also important to keep in mind that your weight will fluctuate just slightly over time even if you’ve reached your goal weight. Over time, it will go up or down by a pound or two and that doesn’t mean that you need to go back into dieting mode yet again. In fact, hopefully by the time you have reached your goal, you have established a number of healthy lifestyle habits that will allow you to move into more of a weight maintenance strategy over the long term, instead of simply trying to lose weight and then returning to your old ways once again when you see the right number on the scale.

Pay attention to your body’s actual health and try to keep the right perspective as you work to lose weight. After all, if you’ve reached your goal weight, you should recognize it and celebrate it!

The following are many signs that you may have reached your healthy weight without even having recognized it:

Many or all your weight related health issues are gone or are nearly gone. This includes areas such as blood pressure, blood sugar and – in some cases (though not all) –cholesterol levels. You can likely do more basic daily activities without getting winded, eating shouldn’t make you sweat (unless you eat something spicy!) and, in most cases, your waist is smaller than 35 inches, though that isn’t set in stone and differs from one patient to the next.
You feel good overall – When you’re not carrying extra weight, it’s easier to feel motivated and energized. This is because your body doesn’t need to work as hard just to complete its necessary functions.
You’re not far from your goal weight – Even if you haven’t reached your goal weight, once you reach your ideal weight, you’re likely not far from that goal.

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