weight loss apps getting lots of attention in 2018

These 2018 Weight Loss Apps are Getting Tons of Attention

These days, there really is an app for pretty much every part of our lives. Weight loss apps no exception from this rule. Since we have our phones with us pretty much every moment of the day, it makes sense that we should use them to help us out in the areas of our lives we find the most challenging.

That said, while there are hundreds of different weight loss apps available, they’re not all the perfect solutions they often claim to be. These apps can be helpful when they’re designed properly, but they can also be a waste of time or, even worse, set us back from reaching our goals. Therefore, when you’re choosing a weight loss app, it’s a good idea to take that choice seriously and look around a little bit before you decide on a particular option.

That said, while we all still love MyFitnessPal, you can branch out when you know just what you’re looking for. Instead of trying to find one application that does it all, don’t forget that there are several great apps out there that can help you to really get the most out of some specific actions you’re trying to take to lose the weight.

Have a look at the following 2018 weight loss apps that are very hot right now:

Mindful Eating Tracker

This app is designed to help you to build a better relationship between yourself and your food. It uses the principles of living mindfully and applies them to the way you think of your food, prepare it and enjoy it. According to this app, if you really want to be successful with mastering your appetite and digestion, then you need to apply mindfulness behaviors. You will become more aware of what is causing your hunger, whether you truly need food to satisfy it, and how to know when you’ve had enough because you’re full before you actually feel that way.


This app is fantastic for people who are using running as a main part of their cardio exercise for weight loss. It works regardless of whether you’re running on a treadmill, on a track or on a sidewalk. It provides you with running classes with motivated instructors and powerful playlists to make sure you’re always driven to get moving.

Sleep Cycle

This is one of the weight loss apps that recognizes that many dieters struggle with their weight even when they’re making all the right food and exercise choices. The reason is that they are not getting enough sleep and it is holding back all the results they should be achieving. This app helps you to better understand your sleep cycle so you can improve it and, therefore, get more out of both your diet and your overall wellness.

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