This Summer, You Can Have a Drink and Still Lose Weight

this summer you can have a drink and still lose weightThere’s something about summertime that absolutely calls out to us to relax in the heat with a drink in our hands. But what if you want to have a drink and still lose weight this summer? When we’re trying to lose weight, one of the first things we learn is to put that drink down and step away from it.

However, recent research on the best and worst beverage options has shown that there are actually some drinks that are better than others. If you choose the right options, you can still relax with a drink by the pool without having to feel guilty about what you’re doing to your waistline. The key is to pick the right one and be reasonable about how many you consume.

The first thing you need to do is keep in mind which mixer you’re planning to have with your alcoholic drink. After all, if you choose the best possible alcohol, only to add it to a high calorie, high sugar beverage, then you may as well give up trying to make the right drink choices. The mixers can often be deceptively problematic, so pay attention to what you’re having if you want to drink and still lose weight.

If you are taking a diet pills or weight loss supplements, also be sure to consider whether it is safe to drink alcohol alongside these pills. It is always best to run it by your doctor before you make a decision that could impact your health.

When it comes to choosing the alcohol itself, pretty much every shot will contain the same nutritional content – or lack thereof. So there isn’t too much of a difference between your choice of gin or vodka. Interestingly, there is some research to suggest that tequila may be among the least impactful on a person’s waistline. So if you already happen to like the taste of tequila, you can enjoy the fact that you might be choosing one of the most diet-friendly options, too.

Beyond those considerations, keep the three basic rules of drink choosing in mind when you head to the bar to have a drink and still lose weight:

Keep it simple – The less you add to your drink, the better. Take your drink neat with a squeeze of citrus instead of mixing it with a soft drink (which includes tonic water), juice or syrup.

Limit your drinks to one alcohol – Many cocktails combine more than one type of alcohol. Steer clear of those options as they are massive calorie traps. You’ll often double your calorie count per drink by combining different alcohols.

Dodge the frozen drinks – It may be a lot of fun to opt for frozen drinks like daiquiris or pina coladas, but those drinks are spiked with syrups that are nothing more than sugar water with various flavorings.

It’s definitely possible to enjoy an occasional drink and still lose weight in the summertime as long as you know what you’re doing. Take the time to relax and have fun, too!

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