Cute Garcinia Complex Capsules

Cute Garcinia Complex CapsulesCute Garcinia Complex Capsules are an over the counter weight loss supplement marketed to women. The company behind this product is called Cute Nutrition. That brand sells several different products meant specifically for women, particularly in the weight loss and nutrition categories. Because they are formulated for women, these probably aren’t the best types of diet pills for men.

This particular product is a weight loss pill, but the majority of the Cute Nutrition products are sold in the form of powders meant to be flavorful and appropriate for dieters to use as supplements or meal replacements.

The official page for the Cute Garcinia Complex Capsules on the brand’s website claims these pills will help dieters to: prevent hunger, reduce the appetite, strengthen the immune system and ease you into a new weight loss strategy. The capsules are vegetarian friendly though it does not specifically state whether or not they are vegan friendly.

At the time this review was written, the Cute Garcinia Complex Capsules ingredients were: garcinia cambogia, green tea, cayenne pepper, and guarana.

It is unclear whether or not this is the complete ingredient list or whether there are other substances in the formula as well. The reason is that the official description of the product rather casually mentions these substances within the capsule as a part of an overall descriptive paragraph and not a specific list. The product images also don’t allow the shopper to view an image of the product package from all sides, leaving the ingredients out of view.

When considering the ingredients within this formula, it looks as though it could potentially be helpful to dieters, assuming the substances are included in the right quantities. The garcinia cambogia may help as a fat blocker and could possibly have blood sugar balancing effects, according to certain preliminary studies.

The green tea is among the most highly studied ingredients for weight loss pills. It has a range of potential benefits including as a fat burner through added thermogenesis, an appetite suppressant and a substance that could help to prevent the body from accumulating more body fat.

Cayenne pepper is an ingredient that contains a substance called capsaicin. That is what makes the pepper spicy. It can cause the body temperature to raise (which is why many people sweat when they eat spicy foods). To raise the body temperature, fuel must be used. This comes in the form of stored body fat or as calories from food that was consumed. In this way, the ingredient could help to boost the metabolism, which can be advantageous to dieters.

The guarana is an ingredient that contains caffeine, which essentially makes this product based on a stimulant. This can help to decrease the appetite while boosting energy levels. That said, depending on how much is used, it can also lead to unwanted side effects in some dieters.

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