Could Phentermine Be Replaced with a Nerve-Zapping Headband?

Could Phentermine Be Replaced with a Nerve-Zapping HeadbandWith the obesity epidemic firmly holding many countries in its grip, helpful tools for overcoming it are always being sought. However, weight loss is a complex issue that involves many lifestyle changes. This makes it exceptionally challenging for many people.

Though doctors have been prescribing phentermine and other diet pills and alternatives until now, scientists have now come up with a new gadget for this purpose. The Modius headset was created to provide dieters with a new way to shed the pounds.

At about $500, it’s hardly cheap. That said, when taking into consideration the price of many diet plans and prescription diet pills, these totals can add up. This is particularly true when they are used for many weeks or months at a time.

The idea behind the Modius headset is to wear it for an hour every evening. When used properly, it is supposed to suppress the appetite while boosting the metabolism. It does so by providing the skull with mild electric shocks. These are meant to stimulate the hypothalamus by way of the vestibular system. This is accomplished by way of electrodes that rest in the bony place behind the ears.

Once the headset is in place, the wearer uses his or her smartphone and the associated app to control the device. With an hour of this process per day, dieters are supposed to experience a noticeable reduction in appetite. They may also experience an increased rate of fat burning. Some are supposed to experience both.

The company behind this product, Neurovalens, so far has a reputation for strong customer support and products that are straight forward and easy to use. The app is quite simple and provides a step-by-step walkthrough of the entire process. Moreover, it is also used for tracking, so the wearer can record his or her progress over time.

Users are supposed to sit or lie down throughout the treatment as the Modius headset can affect a person’s balance. The headset feels like a light tingling at the start. However, over time the levels increase, and the sensation becomes more powerful. Some people report that it is dizzying. Others say that it made them feel like they were moving on a boat in rough seas. The feeling stops as soon as the headset is removed.

Feeling nauseated and uncomfortable for a few minutes after removing the device is normal, particularly at the start. For some people, that sensation does not wear off. Headaches are also common side effects associated with this device.

According to Nourovalens, about 80 percent of people who use the device daily for at least three months will lose an average of 7 pounds during that time without. Ten percent of people will lose 18 pounds within that span of time. As this product is still very new, it’s impossible to know what customers think. Only time will tell.

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