Holiday Nutrition Myths You Should Pretend You’ve Never Heard

holiday nutrition myths to forget

The holidays are meant to be a season of happiness, sharing and celebration. We’re supposed to join together and love spending time with each other, eating great food, and taking part in traditions we’ve adored for our entire lives.

The reality can be slightly different. This can be a very stressful time full of anxiety, depression, and nutrition problems, too. To make matters worse, this time of year is also swimming in nutrition myths that can make the holidays seem a lot more difficult than they actually are. Now that the holidays are underway, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re aware of some of the most popular holiday nutrition myths so you can put them behind you and never look back.

Check out the following nutrition myths that will only make your holidays worse if you continue to believe them.

  • Banking your calories leaves you room for another time – Calorie banking used to be a widespread practice. It would let you eat very little or starve yourself all day so you could have everything you wanted for dinner. Alternately, you could eat too little all week long so you could pig out on the weekend. Unfortunately, study after study have shown that banking calories simply doesn’t work. For one thing, it leaves you feeling hungry, weak and cranky. For another thing, it can cause your metabolism to slow down. You’re certainly not going to get as much out of your workouts if you’re not giving yourself adequate fuel. Moreover, after all that banking, when it comes time to actually eat, you’re far more likely to overeat, instead, well beyond your banked calories.
  • A tough shopping session is the same as your usual gym workout – Sure, you may feel exhausted after hitting the malls during the holiday season and working your way through your gift giving list. However, if you think it will give you the same advantages as your usual workout, think again. You simply won’t burn as many calories from your hardcore shopping as you would on a piece of gym equipment or even if you were outside on a brisk walk. Magazine headlines are always telling shoppers to forget their usual workouts and rush around crowded stores instead. This year, ignore that advice and keep up your healthy workouts, instead. Not only will they support your weight loss, but they’ll also help you to keep your holiday stress down!
  • A detox or cleanse will make up for all your slip-ups over the holiday season – The first thing you should know is that cleanses and detoxes will never make up for a holiday season in which you have let loose and eaten whatever you wanted while leaving your workouts behind. The second thing you should know is that detoxes and cleanses essentially don’t work the way they claim. They’re more likely to place unnecessary strain on your body’s systems than they are to provide you with any real benefit.

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