Holiday Weight Gain Myths and Facts Explained

Holiday Weight Gain Myths and Facts

There is a lot of information constantly circulating about holiday weight gain. That said, only some of it is true. How do we know the difference between what is myth and what is actual fact?

Check out the following commonly circulating points about holiday weight gain and find out which ones you should continue to believe and which ones you should not bring with you into the new year.

  • The majority of people will gain a full size over the holidaysMyth – Research conducted by a team at Texas Tech University studied participants aged 18 through 65, of whom 100 were women and 48 were men. They followed the individuals for the six weeks starting at Thanksgiving and ending on New Year’s Day. At the start of the study, the participants were weighed, measured and had their body fat percentages taken. On average, the subjects gained a pound and a half (one pound for women and two for men). It would take 7 to 10 pounds to increase by a full size.
  • Gaining fat and bloating are not the sameFact – Gaining fat means that your body has stored energy within your body’s fat cells. That said, bloating is caused by your body’s reaction to the foods you are eating. This can include water retention or increased gas build up – or both. This can make your clothes feel tighter and can drain your energy. That said, this usually doesn’t last very long and you will return to your normal size before long.
  • If you exercise more during the holidays, you can eat what you want Myth – Unfortunately, while exercise can help to prevent weight gain, and it can contribute to weight loss, it can’t keep with chronic overeating throughout the holiday season. If you exercise a great deal more throughout the entire holiday season, it may help you to stave off weight gain from a big Christmas dinner. However, it doesn’t mean that it will be able to keep up with six weeks of eating creamy, fatty, sugary, high calorie meals and treats.

In order to keep yourself from gaining too much weight during the holidays, it’s always a good idea to eat as many healthy, calorie controlled meals as you can. At the same time, keep up your workouts throughout the holidays. Pay attention to the portions of the rich and sugary foods you eat. That way, you can minimize the damage, make it easier to lose any weight you do gain, and yet still enjoy the holidays.

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