Is Popcorn a Healthy Weight Loss Snack?

Healthy Weight Loss Snack

Popcorn as a healthy weight loss snack has been quite a controversial issue. It may sound like a simple snack, but not all popcorn snacks are created equal and while some can be terrible for you, others are not.

On its own, popcorn without any additives at all can be considered quite a healthful option in terms of weight loss snacks. It is very low in calories and high in fiber. This means that people can eat large amounts of it without negative weight repercussions.

That said, the majority of people don’t simply air-pop popcorn without any additives at all. Therefore, this makes it clear that while popcorn has the potential to be a great healthy weight loss snack, it depends on the way it’s prepared.

If you think about it, the last time you bought movie popcorn, it was cooked with low quality oil, salted and may have had butter or a butter substitute added to it. You may also have added other toppings such as something sweet or additional salty flavors. All those additional toppings take away from the original healthy snack benefits that basic popcorn has to provide.

Many people don’t realize that popcorn, the kernel, is actually a whole grain. Eaten properly, they can play a positive role in keeping up a healthy heart lifestyle. Eaten plain, popcorn offers the following nutritional benefits:

• Low in calories
• Low in sugar
• Low in fat
• Contains protein
• High in fiber
• Contains vitamins and minerals

If you are hoping to eat popcorn as a healthy weight loss snack, then just make sure you’re using either an air-popping popcorn maker or make it on the stovetop. Choose a healthy oil with which to make the popcorn and use the smallest amount of it possible without sacrificing the quality of your snack.

Avoid using microwave popcorn. Unless you’re popping it in specific popper bowl instead of using the popcorn bags. Those bags contain a number of additives and the bags themselves also contain contaminants reducing the health quality of the popcorn.

Avoid using additional toppings on your popcorn. If you must add salt or other toppings, use as little as possible and be aware of what your toppings contain and how they affect your health. The less you add, the better the snack is for you and the more you can eat without throwing your diet off track.

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