Top Tips for Weight Loss of 20 Pounds or More

Weight Loss of 20 Pounds or MoreWhen you’re facing weight loss of 20 pounds or more, it can feel like quite the daunting goal.  After all, this isn’t just a matter of a pound or two.  This is a commitment to a number of lifestyle changes in order to get red of excess body fat that you don’t want to return.  Any strategy of this magnitude is going to have its tough points.  Anyone who says differently is likely trying to sell something to you.

Fortunately, though, it is possible to make your weight loss of 20 pounds or more a more achievable goal by using the right tips.  Yes, it will still be challenging at times, but it will be less challenging, and the tough times will be fewer and farther between. What are these handy tips?  Keep reading for a helpful list to get you on the right track and help to keep you there.

Helpful Tips to Help You with Weight Loss of 20 Pounds or More

Use these tips to get your weight loss started regardless of whether your goal is 20 pounds, 30, 50 or more.

Count Calories – At Least for a While

This may sound like an obvious, and rather unappealing, step.  That said, if your goal is weight loss of at least 20 pounds, then a great jumping off point is to understand your nutrition.  Even before you discover the ratio among your carbs, proteins and fats, your calories will be the very first factor worth considering.

Even if you don’t plan to follow a calorie counting diet, simply doing this for a few weeks regardless can help you to get to know the impact of each of the meals you’re eating in an average day and week.  You’re more thank likely to discover that you’re eating more than you thought in some areas and far less than expected in others.

Get Hydrated for Weight Loss of 20 Pounds

Water just doesn’t get the credit it deserves.  Set a goal for yourself for the next few days.  Sip at water all day long. Don’t just have it sitting next to you.  Drink it.  If you find yourself getting the munchies when you know you’ve had enough to eat, drink even more of it.  Studies have shown – time and time again – that water is an incredible appetite suppressant, it helps to reduce fluid retention, promotes bowel regularity and boosts your body’s fat burning.  Pretty good, right?

Look at Your Macros

If you’re already using an app to track your calories, then you’ll be building data to better understand your balance of protein, fats and carbohydrates. Talk to your doctor to find out what your ratio should be and start to make tweaks to better reflect that figure.

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