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What is Ionamin?

Ionamin contains the prescription weight loss medication Phentermine. In Ionamin diet pills, Phentermine is combined with a resin that slowly releases the phentermine to prolong the effects all day with just one dosage.

In the same manner as Phentermine, Ionamin mimics the effects of amphetamines in the body by stimulating the central nervous system, thereby raising heart rate and blood pressure and decreasing appetite.

What is the difference between Phentermine and Ionamin?

Ionamin is one of just many different brand names for the generic drug Phentermine. In the case of Ionamin, phentermine is combined with resin so that the drug is slowly released to the body all day.

What is Ionamin prescribed for?

Ionamin is a prescription weight loss medication that is used, along with diet and exercise, to reduce body weight in overweight and obese patients. Ionamin directly affects the part of the brain that controls appetite, thereby reducing hunger. Ionamin is prescribed for short-term (a few weeks) use only.

What types of Ionamin are available?

There are two types of Ionamin available: Ionamin 15 that contains 15mg of phentermine and Ionamin 30 that contains 30mg of phentermine. Ionamin 30 is typically prescribed to patients that have less drug responsiveness to phentermine. Both of these types of Ionamin are only taken once daily.

Duromine is another brand name for diet pills that contain phentermine in a resin complex and are virtually the same as Ionamin. Duromine is available in strengths of 15mg, 30mg and 40mg of phentermine per tablet.

Ionamin Diet Pill Review


  • proven to be an effective appetite suppressant that can aid weight loss when combined with a reduced-calorie diet, exercise program and behavior therapy
  • available in different doses to suit individual needs and preferences


  • may cause serious harmful side-effects
  • is habit forming and patients can become physically and psychologically dependent on this medication, and withdrawal effects may occur if it is stopped suddenly after several weeks of continuous use
  • purchase of Ionamin requires a prescription from your doctor
  • cannot be taken for more than a few weeks at a time