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Many pharmacies worldwide have started offering online services to their customers. The use of online pharmacies is argued to be a more convenient way of obtaining medication. Customers considered them to be time saving and convenient in comparison to traveling to a drugstore since the drugs ordered online are delivered to the patients� door step and the cost of shipping the medication is borne by the pharmacists. This is true especially for persons living in semi-urban areas as well as people with very busy schedules. For some people, online pharmacies are the closest they can get to medication due to physical inability while for others, getting the time to go buy medication is very difficult. Phentermine 37.5

Most online pharmacies sell prescription drugs to customers only if they have a pre- written prescription from a qualified physician while others may not necessarily require a prescription. Online pharmacies employ their own in house physicians who review the various medication requests and may further require that the patient fills in a questionnaire alongside their order so that the physicians can ascertain the patients� condition and give an appropriate prescription. This ensures that an individuals history is examined before an order can be filled thereby safeguarding a customer�s health.

A person obtaining their medication online will find it more comfortable to ask any questions they could be having concerning the medication as well as their condition especially where the privacy of the patient is maintained by use of privacy policies by the respective pharmacies. In this case therefore total confidentiality is maintained between the persons ordering the medication online and the pharmacies.

In addition, online pharmacies provide their customers with information on the various medications available to them, diseases and links to medical resources such as like health associations, government agencies and universities. Advice is also given by the physicians through the internet on the various effects of the drugs ordered by persons online. Unlike brick and mortar pharmacies, online pharmacies offer lower prices. It is possible for one to compare prices of online pharmacies since many pharmacies world wide are now offering online pharmacy services. This leads to lower prices of medication as well as availability of such services. A customer is therefore able to save on medication since they can obtain the medication they require at a lower cost than the prices offered in brick and mortar pharmacies.