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Phentramin-d is a non prescription weight control pill whose chemical properties are similar to the prescription medication Phentermine (which is related to amphetamines). Phentramin�d, however has significant differences to amphetamines and reacts slightly differently to the central nervous system than Phentermine. Phentramin-d contains pharmaceutical grade ingredients and is created using a scientific formula. The main compound in Phentramin-d is amine which greatly increases the body�s metabolic rate while suppressing appetite. In doing this the pill has an effect of making one feel full. In some cases it helps the user to get rid of excess accumulated body fat and greatly increases one�s energy. In addition, this diet product has the effect of maintaining average blood sugar levels thus reducing possible food cravings associated low blood sugar in the body.

The pill works by stimulating the area in the hypothalamus in the brain which is responsible for body metabolism, thus reducing the urge to indulge in eating. Phentramin-d therefore imitates bodily functions that take place between the brain and the stomach. To achieve significant weight loss by use of Phentramin-d, it is advisable to use it in addition to a structured exercise program. In addition one should incorporate lifestyle changes in order to maximize the effectiveness of this diet pill. However effective a pill is, its effects are largely dependent on the lifestyle of the user. Phentramin-d comes in two packages; one contains 60 to 120 tablets while the more comprehensive course contains 180 to 540 tablets and a structured guide for weight loss. This product is not gender specific and can be used by both women and men. Phentermine 37.5

Phentramin-d should not be taken on an empty stomach and is advisable to be taken by people 16 years and above. For those above the age of 60 years, is advisable to consult a physician concerning the use of this pill. Dosage of this product should be carried out as advised by the manufacturer or physician. Phentramin-d is available over the counter at selected pharmacies; however, manufacturers of this product also employ the method of multi level marketing to distribute it. One should be sure about using Phentramin-d before purchasing because once bought the product cannot be returned under any circumstances.

With thousands of weight control products in the market today, it may be difficult to distinguish between genuine products and those based on marketing hype which may lead to confusion of the consumer. One should therefore have sufficient information about the effectiveness and safety of weight loss products in order to avoid misinformation.