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Weight Loss with Phentermine

Phentermine is a prescription only weight loss medication. It stimulates the central nervous system causing the brain to produce chemicals that decrease the sensation of hunger. This disruption of signals in the brain causes suppression of hunger eventually leading to a person eating less and less.

Phentermine has a likeness to amphetamines and is recommended over a short period (usually not more than six months) for those who are excessively overweight under strict guidance of a qualified doctor. This drug is also known to significantly increase one's energy level which is likely to encourage involvement in exercise. Phentermine increases heartbeat and blood pressure thus if one has any pre existing condition that could be aggravated by this effect, then it is advisable for the prescribing doctor to know about it. Conditions such as hypertension diabetes and overactive thyroid are known to worsen with the use of Phentermine. To avoid unforeseen problems, a full medical history should be disclosed to a doctor before administration of medication.

Suppression of appetite may help reduce intake of food leading to weight loss, but this should not in any way replace a balanced diet. Good nutrition is necessary in maintaining and sustaining bodily functions and sufficient energy. An exercise program is also advisable to maximize the effectiveness of the Phentermine by keeping the body fit. By exercising, the body will prevent an increase in weight that is lost due to reduced food intake. Fitness also helps to maintain the desired weight once it is achieved.

Phentemine is a strong medication and users have been shown to develop tolerance within a few weeks of it being described. When this happens, doctors usually reduce medication gradually and eventually stop. At this point the body is expected to have adapted to the changes and on work on its own.

Being an anorectic drug, Buy Phentermine is known to have multiple side effects while promoting weight loss. Due to its relation with amphetamines and other stimulant drugs which are highly addictive, users of Phentermine have a chance of developing severe dependence. This is however more prevalent in cases where the patient increases the dose without the advise of a doctor. Common side effects may include sleeplessness, dizziness, and heart palpitations among others. More severe cases, some life threatening, may occur depending on the medication's reaction to a person's body or allergies.

Before one thinks of using Phentermine it is important for one to know that it is a serious drug that is not recommended for all. Proper research on the subject should be carried out to know the pros and cons. Although Phentermine 37.5 should be available only through prescription, it is now possible to acquire it over the counter in some pharmacies and it is widely available on the internet. In several countries it has even been banned from use. The attraction to its rapid weight reduction may lure people to acquire it illegally without knowing the implications that go with this medication. The side effects may far outweigh the quick weight loss experienced.