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Exercise is Key to Weight Loss

With a large number of people above their recommended weight, a large percentage of the population is at a higher risk of getting health problems related with being overweight. Physical activity or exercising is an effective way of weight loss as it helps one to do away with excess calories that could accumulate and be stored as fat in the body. It is therefore necessary to achieve a balance in terms of how many calories one eats and how they are used up through physical activity. To reduce excess weight and maintain good health it is first and foremost important to include regular exercise in our daily routines. Studies show that constant exercise combined with healthy eating habits is one of the most efficient methods of weight loss and control.

The main types of exercise are aerobic and anaerobic exercise .Aerobic exercise is any repetitive activity utilizing the larger body muscles and done over a long period. A characteristic of this form of exercise is increased the heart rate and passage of air through the lungs. Examples of these include jogging, swimming, cycling and the likes. Aerobic activity involves resistance exercises that emphasize on building specific muscles for instance weight lifting. Another form of physical activity includes moderate intensity activities such as household chores, short walks. These may not help a lot when done sparsely but when but when done often they may have considerable benefits to health. In order for one to choose the most effective form of exercise it is important to get advice from a physician or physical trainer. Exercise may be beneficial to health but when done in the wrong way can lead to harm.

Exercising is beneficial in avoiding lifestyle diseases such that result from excess weight. The heart requires regular activity to keep heart muscles healthy. Inactivity of the heart muscles makes the organ weak and exposes it to a risk of failing or getting diseases. By reducing body fat in the body through exercise the body is able to prevent and control diabetes. Other conditions such as osteoporosis and back pain can be alleviated or controlled through physical activity.

It is important for one to maintain a record of exercise and weight so as to keep track and monitor progress if any. This will also help one to know whether the exercise program that they are using is working or not. One should make sure that they do not strain too much when training. Excessive exercise does not necessarily decrease the weight. The quality of exercise is more important and ensures that there is no damage to muscles or joints.

It is also important to make exercise fun and not monotonous. Once it does not feel like a chore to exercise, then the body becomes more accustomed and one does not have any aversions. Constancy is also required. However, one does not need to exercise intensely every day. Some rest days are required to give the muscles time to rest and heal any damage that may have occurred due to strain.