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7 Secrets to Guaranteed Weight Loss

Permanent weight loss is influenced by eating patterns and regular physical activity. The most successful dieters attribute their long-lasting results to a sustainable healthy eating plan and moderate to extensive exercise. A diet is not a fad or crash program, it is a lifestyle. Any diet that cannot be maintained on a long-term basis cannot be effective. The seven secrets to guaranteed weight loss are based on scientifically proven concepts that influence how the body functions.

  1. The first ‘open’ secret is calorie counting. A calorie determines the amount of fat the body takes in. Whether the fat is from a piece of steak or an apple, a calorie is a calorie. Weight loss is determined by calorie intake. A reduction of only 200 calories a day can result in significant loss of body fat and weight.
  2. Weight loss must be a gradual process. Crash diets end in tears because the results are very short lived. The body reacts by storing whatever little food it receives. This storage turns into fat and the weight gain is rapid after the diet ends. The best way is to do it a slow pace and allow the body to adjust.
  3. Never starve. Starvation depletes muscles and slows down metabolism. Impeded metabolism means that fewer calories will be burnt. If fewer calories are burnt, there will be less weight loss. It is as simple as that. A starvation diet eventually leads to overeating and frustration.
  4. Regular physical activity burns off excess calories and fat and also speeds up the metabolism. An active person burns calories even when they are asleep. Exercise tones the muscles and complements reduced food intake. Activities such as brisk walking and stair climbing for 20-30 minutes a day; coupled with strength training are necessary.
  5. Eating more is one of the best well kept secrets. This applies to healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables and legumes. They contain fewer calories and provide fiber and bulk. Fiber is important for regulating the digestive process. A food diary can help to keep track of a person’s daily intake.
  6. Focus on eating. Most overweight people eat while doing activities such as watching television and reading. This habit creates the impulse to eat more. Take time to eat without distractions to allow the body to digest food and create a feeling of ‘fullness’.
  7. It begins in the mind. Before starting a weight loss plan, it is crucial to be in the right frame of mind. A positive attitude and determined mindset are ingredients of success. There is no perfect diet. A small initiative such as reducing food portions can set the ball rolling.

Losing weight does not have to be a torturous event. Each inch, gram or pound lost is a small victory that should be celebrated. It gets easier with time and the benefits are priceless. This is why it should be a gradual process that will not shock the body. Armed with these seven secrets, a healthy, slim and trim body can be an everlasting reality.