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The Cactus Diet

There are countless options available to anyone who wants to lose weight. For instance, one may purchase exercise machines, attend gyms or take part in several form of physical exercises. Alternatively, one may opt for diets which promote use of supplements and herbs. One of these is the cactus diet, also known as hoodia gordonii, South African desert cactus or hoodia cactus.

The cactus diet is a weight loss supplement manufactured by Maximum International; a company based in Southern Florida. The product was introduced into the market by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in South Africa after it conducted a research on the indigenous foods eaten by animals in South Africa which helped them lose weight. In 1997, the Institution isolated the bio-active compound that was found to be responsible for appetite suppression and subsequently obtained a patent thus the cactus diet was invented.

The cactus diet is administered in the form of capsules which are taken before meals with water upto three times daily. The capsules work by suppressing appetite, burning stored fats, preventing fat cell from forming in the body and boosting energy levels. The diet is made up of Hoodia Gordonii; a herb found in South Africa which helps curb the appetite of the user, Green Tea Extract which helps improve metabolic rate in the body and Caralluma Fimbriatta Slimaluma. Phentermine 37.5

The diet has been used by many people in the past and has been known to have many advantages. For one, it is available to both women and men without prescription from a doctor. This ensures that it is readily available to persons who need it. Two, it has no known side effects. This is because it is made up of 100% natural appetite suppressants that contain no dangerous stimulants which have for a long time been associated with weight loss supplements of the past. Three, the diet is effective as one notices results immediately after the first dosage. Four, the diet pill allows one to loose weight without restrictions. The only restriction is for one to stick to a balanced diet and to lead a healthy lifestyle. The cactus diet is known to be economical in price compared to other diets available in the market. A dose of the same costs $40. Subsequently, the diet can be afforded by many people who wish to watch their weights.

On the other hand, the cactus diet has several disadvantages. One, it can neither be used by persons with eating disorders such as anorexia nor by pregnant, lactating mothers or children. The diet should also not be used by people who are underweight or not within a normal weight range. Two, the reduction in the intake of calories may cause a reduction in the amount of sugar in the body thus causing diabetes mellitus. Three, the diet may cause allergic reactions which are common to plant materials. The cactus diet can be obtained at online drug stores at affordable prices ranging from $40. It may also be purchased at pharmacies.