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Waging War on Weight - New Initiatives for Weight Loss

Given the large number of initiatives aimed at promoting weight loss through diet plans and weight loss programs, it becomes necessary to identify and adopt more efficient, viable and flexible plans. One of these, as advanced by the American Diabetes Association, is through physical activities. This initiative requires that in order for one to improve the management of blood glucose in the body, lower blood pressure, lose excessive weight, gain energy, sleep better and more importantly; lose excessive weight, one must take part in various activities like weight bearing, working out or strength training activities such as weight lifting.

The second new initiative for weight loss is hypnosis or hypnotherapy. Developed by the New York weight loss hypnosis system, this initiative works by developing in the mind of a person the mental attitude required to lose weight. This is usually conducted using hypnosis techniques and the latest developments in mind research. The third new initiative for weight loss is the new childhood obesity initiative. It was founded by the Clinton Foundationís Alliance for a Healthier Generation and the American Heart Association. This initiative requires that insurance companies and employers offer health benefits to families and children in order to prevent, assess and treat obesity in children.

The fourth initiative for weight loss is in through adopting healthy eating habits. This initiative requires one to drink proper amounts of water, eat more than 1100-1200 calories per day, eat less fatty foods and more carbohydrates, and to avoid consuming fattening liquids. The fifth initiative for weight loss is the one advanced by Dr. Marijka Batterham. The initiative calls for incorporation of high protein meals in the diets of overweight individuals. This is in line with the study that revealed that the protein composition of meals compares with the efficiency of the process of fat burning within the body. Consequently, it was established that men and women burned more fat after eating whenever more protein was taken in with their meals. Furthermore, protein was found to be a more effective appetite suppressant.

The sixth new initiative for weight loss was advanced by Dr. Melinda Maggard from Rand Cop in California who recommends weight loss surgery as a means of reducing risks of complications during birth. The initiative is further aimed at reducing the risks of premature births and of delivery of underweight or overweight babies. The seventh new initiative for weight loss is laser therapy. This initiative divides weight loss program into three parts; proper nutrition which requires a daily caloric intake, hunger management which requires that one manages their appetite and physical fitness which calls for daily calories to be expended. It works by offering patients laser therapies for weight loss. This initiative is reportedly safe with an 84-94% success rate.

The eighth initiative for weight loss is the use of diabetic diets. Diabetic diets range from healthy eating habits for instance limiting use of alcohol, being careful about the amount of carbohydrates that one eats, eating less fats and eating lots of whole grains foods.