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In today’s weight-watching world, it is rare to hear of someone trying to gain weight. People normally hear of actors and actresses gaining weight for a movie role but immediately after that they go back and loose it. However, there are a small percentage of people who actually want to pile on the pounds. They may feel that they are too skinny and would look better if they were a few pounds heavier. Also contrary to popular belief, weight gain is not only for body builders or men; it is also an option for women who feel they are too skinny. With celebrities such as Beyonce and Tyra Banks, a full figure is slowly becoming the ideal body type for most women.

In an effort to gain weight, individuals, choose a variety of methods to achieve their goals. The most common and preferred method is weight gain pills. Various companies have come up with products which claim to aid the process of weight gain. These pills help individuals gain weight by increasing their appetite and slowing down their metabolism. A diet that is deficient in some vitamins can affect one’s appetite. Therefore, these weight gain pills provide one with these deficient minerals. In addition, they help to slow down the body’s metabolism. In this way they enhance the body’s ability to process food. Medical experts explain that two individuals may be eating the same food but because their metabolic rates are different, one of them will gain weight and the other will loose. This is because one of them has a high or fast metabolic rate and that any calories they take in are instantly converted into energy while only a few are stored as fat.

Quite a number of people have claimed to have had success with weight gain pills. However, one cannot simply take these pills, sit back and expect instant weight gain. In addition, they need to increase their calorie intake. One also needs to exercise well. An appropriate exercise regime should be followed to ensure weight gain and not weight loss. This is because most exercise regimes are geared towards weight loss. Therefore the individual should ensure that any exercise he does is the appropriate one.

As with all things there are some critics who claim that weight gain pills are just multi vitamins packaged differently. They say that they do not contain anything special and that these are just money making schemes. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but the truth is that pills for weight gain do work as long as the person follows the given instructions.

Lastly, it is important to note that our bodies are complex structures that vary from one person to another. Therefore what works for one person, may not necessarily work for the next. Also weight gain just like weight loss is a process which cannot occur instantly. It is therefore important to consult a medical expert first before buying these pills. The expert may advise one on the appropriate pills to take.