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Fidgeters Have Weight Loss Advantage

Fidgeting is used to refer to the movement of the body or any part of the body either voluntarily or involuntarily. This may include moving one’s feet, hands, neck, shoulders or any part of the body. Although people who normally fidget may be regarded as being unstable or even annoying, studies show that frequent fidgeting helps the body burn excess calories. People who sit still for long periods of time, either in school or work are more likely to have high levels of calories than those who normally fidget. Also it has been reported that individuals who fidget often, tend to be thinner than those who do not.

Fidgeting requires energy and this energy is used up when one makes voluntary movements. Thus the more one fidgets; the more calories are likely to be lost. People can even be burning excess calories without knowing, just by moving the feet, hands or tapping the fingers. Fidgeting, though most of the time is done unconsciously can help to reduce excess energy and this may reduce the tensions experienced by those who are stressed. Simple movements of the shoulders or neck can help relieve tension and make the person feel more relaxed. There are a number of ways one can be able to loose that extra weight without being involved in strenuous exercises and some of these are frequently done without knowing.

For example, when reading in the library for long hours and the person feels tired, simple activities such as standing and walking can help in relaxation and at the same time burn extra calories. For persons using computers in offices, simple activities such as typing helps in reducing calories, this is because the movement of hands and fingers use energy. Taking of regular breaks from seating while in the office is also recommended for those wishing to burn calories.

When talking on the phone, avoid standing still for long, instead one can be able to move around while talking. It has been shown that people who normally do this tend to burn more calories than those who stand still while talking. One can be able to burn more calories by using the stairs instead of the elevators. This is because more energy will be used when using the stairs than by standing still in an elevator. When going to the supermarket avoid driving (if one lives close by) but instead walk. More energy is used when walking than by seating.

There are other activities that can be done to help burn calories. For example one can pace around than sitting in the car when it is being refilled. For fidgeting to work, the activities should be done frequently and consistently. However for those wishing to loose weight by burning more calories, other activities should be undertaken in addition to fidgeting. The activities may include: regular physical exercise such as aerobics, jogging or being actively involved in sports. Fidgeting will indeed burn calories, but in the long run for one to be healthy there is need for them to maintain a nutritious balanced diet.