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Obesity Linked with Poorer Health

Obesity is a condition where an individual has excess fat tissue in the body. This condition can be compared with being overweight. However, people who are obese are likely to have a high risk of being sick than those who are overweight. The fat in the bodies may be as a result of the individual not maintaining proper nutrition and can also be caused by lack of proper physical exercise. This condition does not affect someone overnight, but is a result of consistently not maintaining proper physical exercise and eating foods with high levels of fat and calories. Recent studies have reported genetics to be one of the causes of obesity. However, these cases do not occur frequently.

Researchers have over the years linked obesity to poor health. They have also said that people who are obese are likely to have more health problems than those who are not. Individuals who are obese are likely to suffer from diseases such as high blood pressure, pain disorders and diabetes. The chance of heart failure is also high and certain types of cancer such as breast cancer, particularly in women, can be as a result of obesity.

The number of children suffering from obesity is on the increase. With the increase of technology, and parents becoming involved in professional careers, children have become more prone to suffer from obesity. This is because children spend much of their time playing computer games, instead of being involved in physical sports, such as soccer or basketball. Children who do not exercise regularly have a high chance of being obese as they grow older and will likely develop health complications such as fatigue and developing daytime sleepiness. Exercise is not limited to going to the gym but includes walking to school, playing outdoor games and so on.

Those who are obese are likely to suffer from conditions such as arthritis, which is a condition linked to development of weak bones mainly at the knee, back, hands and hips. Individuals who are obese have been found to have high chances of suffering from type 2 diabetes. This is a condition where the body becomes immune to insulin or resists drug treatment. There have been a high number of cases of people who are obese suffering from hypertension and high blood pressure.

Those who are obese are also likely to suffer from various forms of depression. This may be as a result of having low self esteem or are affected by the treatment received from other people. Those who suffer from this condition need not to be dismayed since it is not too late to minimize its effects. One can be able to start living a healthy lifestyle and this will go a long way in reducing chances of certain diseases. There are also a number of exercise programs that can be undertaken by those who are obese. All said and done medical researches recommends maintaining healthy eating lifestyles and proper physical exercise, if this condition is to be avoided or minimized.