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Does Caffeine Help in Weight Loss?

Some of the various forms of caffeine may help in weight loss. Some research has proven that it is possible for caffeine to slightly enhance weight loss for people who maintain a low-calorie diet and some forms of exercise, however it has not yet been proven that caffeine taken in larger amounts can lead to significant or permanent weight loss.

The scientific evidence about how caffeine is used as a weight control agent shows that people who consume a low level of caffeine in green tea tend to have weight maintenance while those consuming a significantly high level of caffeine experience weight loss. A conclusion was reached after this meaning that drinking green tea results in weight maintenance while larger doses of caffeine result in weight loss, fat oxidation and higher thermogenesis. Some studies have also shown that caffeine increases the extraction of urines in the body because it acts as a diuretic. The water loss could temporarily reduce ones body weight and reduction of type 2 diabetes.

Caffeine enhances exercise performance as shown in various studies by an exercise physiologist. A clinical trial found that most people can only cycle for an average of 76 minutes as compared to someone who has taken caffeine before the cycle, who can go for as long as 90 minutes. Caffeine which speeds up metabolism is found in most diet pills. Caffeine also breaks down fats in which fatty acids are burned immediately. When caffeine is consumed prior to exercise, conversion of fats to energy is 30% more. But one should note that the breaking down of fats and burning of fat acids only occurs when one is in action.

Many of the overweight people, particularly those who diet and lose weight only to regain it later have insulin resistance. Most of these people unfortunately are not aware of this condition and struggle with their body weight. If one has insulin resistance, then taking a lot of caffeine will negatively affect their metabolism and in the long run may have an opposite effect that is of no benefit.

Although caffeine has been proven to help in weight lose, it is a stimulant that increases blood pressure and heart rate as well as interrupting ones sleep and causes nervousness and irritability. Many of the caffeine beverages are high in calories which can lead to unwanted weight gain. Reports show that caffeine does not cause any significant loss of calcium in adults. This is not the case when it comes to children; caffeine causes stunt growth in children by dissolving calcium in young bones. Although caffeine has been given a bad reputation in some aspect, one can avoid any negative effect on it by avoiding pairing up caffeinated beverages with other calorie-laden additions, such as coffee and cream.