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Are Fast-Food Breakfasts Healthy?

One of the most important meals of the day is breakfast and many people today go to fast-food restaurants for a quick and easy breakfast to start the day. However, even though it is recommended that you eat breakfast as part of a healthy lifestyle, these fast foods restaurants have been used synonymously with unhealthy food choices. Is it possible for Fast-Food Breakfasts to be Healthy?

A good fast food breakfast should have fiber and proteins and not too much saturated or total fat. However, most fast food companies are not doing so because they are trying to meet the demand they receive from their customers. Therefore, most of the fast food breakfasts are packed with artery-clogging foods that lead to heart-attacks, obesity, diabetes and other unsightly diseases due to too much calories, sodium and fat. To avoid these kind of health problem one should choose a healthier fast food breakfast, which is typically provided as an option on the menu of most fast-food restaurants.

Most fast food breakfasts are unhealthy, but this does not mean you have to stay away from these restaurants, but instead you should be cautious about the kinds of meals that you choose to have. Most fast food restaurants have healthier menu items that you can choose from and the following tips can help:

  • It is wise to drink water as the beverage with your meal instead of soda, which has a huge amount of hidden calories.
  • “Undress” the food, this literally means to check in the salad dressings for any calories or fats packed like mayonnaise. It is best to ask for ones own ketchup so as to control the amount that is applied.
  • Ask for special menu items like vegetables and ask for all sauces to be served on the side so that you can control how much is added.
  • Some of the menus serve large and even super-sized options, but you should try to choose an average sized portion of fast food if possible.
  • Ask for half of your meal to be placed in a to-go container and save it for a meal later in the day or even the next day.
  • Watch the amount of salt as it is a major contributor to high blood pressure and water retention.
  • Avoid buffets even if they are healthier ones as it is difficult to control portions and you are likely to overeat.

Fast food breakfasts are very luring because of the sweet, tasty package in which they are served in, but this can also be the same thing that leads one six stone over and six feet under. Accumulation of calories cannot be seen on a daily basis but it does happen in the long-run, thus to be on the safe side, try eating healthier fast-food items.