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Healthy Weight for Women

The number of calories a body needs depends on various factors. They include total body weight, height, ration of fat for muscle, gender, age, physical exercise and genes, also illness or pregnancy contribute to number of calories. A woman’s calories on the can be accurately assessed reasonably by focusing on two major components: Physical exercise and Basil Metabolic Rate (BMR).

Basal metabolic rate is another name for, amount of energy (calories) needed to keep a body functioning while at rest. A small amount of calories is needed in a body to maintain thousands if not millions of body chemical reactions in a system which keeps lungs, liver, heart, kidneys, eyes, muscles and other organs in good healthy working order. This is ones basal metabolic rate. More than half the calories that are needed in a woman’s body, fuel these fundamental bodily functions.

Physical activity is the second major calorie-needs in a woman’s body. The more exercise one takes the more the calories that are needed. Through physical exercise women are able to reduce any serious illness. Experts recommend various ways in which women can stay healthy. To do regular moderate activities for not less that 30 minutes per day, 5 times in a week or even more. Moderate activities may include a brisk walk, sailing, cycling for about 10 to 12 miles per hour (mph) or shooting hoops. One will notice the heart beating faster after such kind of activities.

The second way is to indulge in vigorous activity for not less than 20 minutes in a day, 3 times in a week or more. This may include jogging, cross country, cycling for 12 mph at least, playing basket ball game or skiing. With this kind of activity ones heart will beat much faster and breathing rapidly. Being active in several chunks of 10 minutes or more throughout the day can count towards the above recommendations. One can choose to do one or both types of activity. Always ask a doctor whether it is safe for to start a fitness program. To add on the above recommendations is good to be active in various chunks of about 10 minutes or more right through the day. One can choose to do one activity or both depending on what the doctor recommends to be best for the body.

Women should try and consider their body mass index (BMI); this is based on ones height and weight. The risk of weight related diseases may increase if ones weight is higher or lower than the recommended BMI range. BMI may have misleading measures if one is masculine or if there is loss of a lot of muscle mass.

The waist circumference which is a major aspect in most women should not be more than 35. Waist measurement helps find out how much fat is stored around ones belly. Most of the “apple shaped” people tend to store fat around the belly highly in risk of diseases associated with overweight as compared to people who are “pear shaped” and have most of their fat stored around their hips.