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Sometimes you just have to resort to some kind of weight loss supplement in order to lose weight. But are they safer and more readily available as the prescription brands of diet pills? In fact, over-the-counter weight loss pills are relatively safe and can be discretely purchased online.

The most common type of non-prescription weight loss supplements is the appetite suppressant. This involves a variety of pills, such as , Hoodia, Dexatrim and Acutrim that suppress appetite. Another classification of OTC weight loss supplements includes “carb-blockers” and “fat-blocker”. These prevent a percentage of carbohydrates and fats consumed from being absorbed by the body.

Other weight loss supplements are not in pill form. Certain herbal diet teas, for example, contain a natural laxative called senna leaf that causes weight loss by flushing out the intestinal system.

Most over-the-counter weight loss supplements are safe to take in moderation and when used with a low calorie, high exercise diet plan, they can aid weight loss both safely and quickly.

Prescription medications used to treat obesity have been limited over the years to just a few, due to the dangerous nature of many of the drugs. One of the safer prescription weight loss supplements, Orlistat, is a fat blocker that also has a non-prescirption brand called Alli.

Other prescription weight loss supplements include phentermine, phendimetrazine, benphetamine and diethylproprion and Phentermine 37.5. Because of the risk of side effects, they are only to be used for a very short time. Some antidepressants have been found to have limited weight loss effects and include fluoxetine, sertraline and buproprion. Anti-seizure drugs include Topamax and Xonegran and have been found to induce weight loss. Finally, Glucophage or metformin for diabetes mellitus has been shown to have weight loss as a side effect.

Prescription weight loss medications have several major drawbacks. They aren’t covered under many insurance plans and are very expensive. The weight loss they provide to the individual is less than ten percent of the starting weight and so they may be less effective when a person needs to lose a lot of weight. The side effects of prescription weight loss supplements can be very dangerous and several have been taken off the market because of the dangerousness of the side effects they posed. Medications like Redux, Pondimin, and Fen-Phen were prescribed to millions of users within just a few months, leaving many with heart problems as a dangerous side effect.