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Low Fat Diet Better than Low Carb Diet
over Long Term

In the world of dieting, it can get confusing with all the different types of diets that exist. The most common diets are based on either low carbohydrate or low fat diets. The crucial difference between the two is that a low fat diet can be described as a diet that allows more carbohydrates, but less fat. A low carbohydrate diet on the other hand is one that restricts carbohydrates and is typically high in protein and fats. A low carb diet is usually the preferred treatment for weight loss, obesity and diabetes.

Research has shown that in the short run low carbohydrate diets are better for weight loss. It is usually the preferred choice for celebrities who want to loose weight quickly. People on this diet usually loose twice as much weight in the beginning compared to those who are on the low fat diet. This is because carbohydrates contain more calories so if they are consumed in small portions there will definitely be faster weight loss. However the low carb diet has side effects, including the potential to lead to muscle weakness, halitosis and dehydration of the body. These health effects occur due to deprivation of dietary nutrients.

On the other hand, low fat diets have proven to be better for weight loss over the long term. Most success stories on weight loss claim that the low fat diet helped them. Studies that span over a period of seven to nine years show that in the long run people who follow low fat diets, loose the weight and keep it off. This is because one is not deprived of energy giving foods rather he or she simply reduces the intake of bad fats. This means that the body is not being deprived of vital nutrients. This depravation is made up for by an increase in the intake of fruits ad vegetables which are good for the body.

Low carbohydrate diets tend to bring about undesirable effects like dehydration and muscle weakness. This means that even if an individual wants to continue with the diet, they may find it difficult. Diets are generally hard to follow but combine them with adverse health effects and this makes it harder still. This explains why low carb diets generally do not work in over the long term. At first one may be motivated by the instant results compared to the slower low fat diet but after the discomfort he or she may decide to quit.

In conclusion, low fat diets do tend to be easier to follow over the long term because their side effects are not as harsh as those of low carb diets. In addition the individual doesn’t feel like he or she is being denied tasty foods. He or she can still eat most of their favorite foods only that they have to prepare them with less fat. It is important to note that as with all diets, the key is to burn more calories than one takes in. For any diet to work out, the person should do it out of his or her own free will. Once that is done the motivation to keep on with the diet remains for as long as possible.