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Statistics from the United States Centers for Disease Control show that a third of the American population is overweight. This and other statistical data gathered from around the world have raised serious health concerns. The teenage group, which is highest prone to overweight issues, does not perceive this as a health issue but have a mindset driven by what they see on televisions and through the internet and what the society identifies to be the perfect weight. The figures considered to be perfect however, have more to do with an eating disorder rather than normal weight.

The need for teenagers to be accepted amongst their peers has made many of them resort to use diet pill to shed off extra pounds. Diet pills are drugs that reduce or control weight by altering metabolism like Hydroxycut, Xenadrine EFX or absorption of calories like EZ-Trim, TrimSpa and CarbSpa or by suppressing appetite like CortiDiet, CortiSlim, CortiSol, and Relacore. These drugs can be prescribed by a medical practitioner, administered through the counter without the doctor’s prescription or be a herbal diet supplements found in health food and nutrition stores.

Phentermine Diet pills are becoming popular by the day and especially among teenagers. Although they get rid of the nightmares that are characteristic of dieting and exercise and promise a quick fix to weight problems, it is important for teenagers to exercise caution before using them. Diet supplements cannot guarantee safety and total effectiveness. Their long term effects have not been proven. Even natural supplements are not totally safe. There are no set standards to measure the quality of these supplements.

Teenagers are still growing and there is a risk of them lacking proper nutrition if they if they suppress their appetite. Studies have been shown to link many high blood pressure, dizziness, depression, blurred vision, headaches, insomnia, anxiety and irregular heartbeats among teenagers. Due to their mechanisms of action, diet pills can be a peril or become life threatening to its users.

Orlistat, a type of diet pill, acts by blocking dietary fats and thus causing bowel movements to have spotting, stools that are oily and stomach pain. Another medication known to have drastic results is ephedra, which causes head aches, heart attack and strokes. It is important for teenagers to be wary before using diet pills. They should focus on the long term effects of the drugs rather that the short term results. It is simply a notion that dietary pills make one to look more attractive some can cause gas, diarrhea, and uncontrollable bowel movements and even create Vitamin deficiencies leading to skin dryness and hair loss.

Parents should put more effort in boosting their teenage children’s self confidence and explain the need to appreciate themselves as they are. The eating habits should be monitored to ensure that it is not only healthy and weight conscious. Most diet pills are not recommended for persons under the age of sixteen. Therefore, caution should be exercised to ensure that the diet pills are not being abused by teenagers.