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What Causes Belly Fat?

In this day and age, people are out to look good by maintaining the perfect physique and also by keeping healthy. Belly fat has been considered a hindrance to achieve the perfect figure. Health experts argue that the amount of surplus calories stored around the belly depends on a number of factors namely, genetics, gender and age. If one’s genetic inheritance shows a trend of tummy fat, then the person is at a high risk of also acquiring a belly bulge. Men are known to store fat around their middle section; this is also the apple shape. For women, surplus calories are stored around the lower regions of their waists for instance, the buttocks, thighs, pelvic region and hips; this is described as the pear shape.

Studies show that improper eating and lack of exercise, are the main causes of belly fat .However apart from the two, there are other factors that are shown to cause fat around the belly. For women especially, after menopause, fat tends to store in different places in the body, the belly being one such place. Women are known to adapt an apple shape after menopause this is caused by the fact that in midlife, female hormones are produced in small amounts.

The body, during stress releases the hormone cortisol that makes the liver produce excess sugar. A high production of the hormone cortisol makes the body go hungry. Eating too much as a result makes the body to be unable to use up the excess calories and this stimulates the storage of fat on the belly. Stress is also known to cause improper digestion which may cause gastrointestinal related problems known to bring about a gassy and bloating effect.

Metabolism rate also has a part to play in causing bulges around the middle area. A slow metabolic rate means that the body is not able to burn all the calories. This effect causes belly fat fat. Studies show that eating late at night makes it hard for the body to fully digest food before one retires to bed. Excess fat therefore is stored in the middle area. A poor posture may make one seem to have a pot belly. A hunched posture gives a more bulging appearance on the abdomen while a straight posture gives a tummy a flat effect.

The only way out of belly fat is by maintaining a normal weight. It is important for one to ensure that the amount of calories taken in the body matches the body’s ability to burn the same. However to get rid of an already existing belly bulge, one should exercise patience, it is impossible to get rid of abdominal fat in a day. A lot of fitness exercise such as stomach toning and aerobics are needed coupled with a healthy diet to lose weight is a sure way to guarantee the perfect body shape and that belly fat will be a thing of the past.