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Weight Loss through Gastric Surgery

Today, everyone is concerned about staying healthy. In fact, it has reached a point where if one does not work out, he or she seems abnormal. This fad of staying healthy is well intentioned. However, one needs to be careful how he or she goes about it. Human beings like short cuts and the easy way out so most people think that weight loss through gastric surgery is their ticket out of obesity. It is important to know that this surgery is only performed on people who are overweight by over 100 pounds and not those looking to loose a few pounds. Before deciding to undergo gastric surgery, there are a few facts one needs to know.

Gastric surgery is a procedure that involves altering the anatomy of one’s digestive system to limit the amount of food an individual can eat and digest. Most people refer to it as stapling the stomach. This is true depending on the type of gastric surgery. In some, the stomach may not be stapled. There are various types of gastric surgery, namely gastroplasty, gastric bypass, Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding procedure (Lap-Band) among others. All the procedures involve either reducing the size of one’s stomach or inserting a bypass or tube in the digestive system to limit the amount of food the body can handle.

The most common type of gastric surgery people know about is the gastric bypass surgery. It is the most popular option. This is because it is safer, has fewer side effects and is more appropriate for long term weight loss. The advantage of gastric surgery is that the results are almost instant. In extreme cases of obesity, doctors may recommend this procedure in order to save the patient’s life. Another advantage is that it lowers one’s risk of getting heart disease, diabetes and other related illnesses.

It should be noted that most of these procedures are irreversible therefore one has to be very sure before attempting any of these procedures. Every talk show has guests who have lost weight drastically through this process. However, they never tell viewers the side effects. First of all there is the mandatory four days stay in hospital, nausea, chest and abdominal cramps and sweating. Additionally, the patient may suffer nutritional deficiency and in severe cases a condition known as Anastomotic leak. This is a leak on the staple line of the surgery which could be fatal. In order for one to keep the weight off, the must also follow strict diet guidelines an exercise regime otherwise weight gain may occur.

After getting all the facts right, one can now decide on whether this option is the best for them or if they should just stick to exercise and diets. Most women feel that if they loose weight they will become more attractive and that their problems will go away. Far from the truth, gastric surgery is ideally for those whose lives are in danger if they do not shed the pounds and not simply for cosmetic purposes.