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The Importance of Protein

Proteins are a daily nutrient requirement category that does not need much introduction to most people. Proteins are nutrients responsible for the production and repair of human body tissues and hormones such as nails, hair, heart, and white blood cells. The human body normally makes use of protein in a broken down form called amino acids that exist as chain of string beads. There are several types of these acids the human body require only twenty two but produce only thirteen types of amino acids protein dishes usually takes care of the nine dietary deficiencies.

Generally there are two sub-groups of proteins namely animal protein and plant proteins. Animal proteins are also sometimes referred to as high proteins that include beef, eggs, and cheese among others. This group is further subdivided into red meat and white meat. Nutritionists advocate for white meat such a fish for dietary purposes due to their ease of digestion and disease prevention capability. For instance, omega three in fish is linked to lowering blood cholesterol levels. Plant proteins on the other hand are considered good they but usually fall short in terms of the calorie density per unit volume. Since animal proteins usually have higher concentration of protein per unit and human has only limited consumption space plant proteins are normally relegated to the supplement proteins due the large volumes required to get equivalent calorie values.

In terms of feeding habits, most people have picked up a bogus protein lifestyle that has resulted in a rise in cases of dietary conditions such as gout, constipation and heart burn. This has also driven up the demand for laxatives, anti-acids and herbal supplements. However, hope is not lost as a little insight into the world of nutrition can help shade some light on how one can appreciate the building blocks of the human body without compromising their health.

It is important to understand that for one to effectively enjoy proteins there needs to be an acidic environment for proteins to digest and get absorbed. In humans the two main liquids responsible for protein breakdown are pepsin and hydrochloric acid. Pepsin acid is the one mostly responsible for digestion of plant protein such as beans. While hydrochloric acid is a must for beef to be digested. Nevertheless, most people ignore the basic this basic rule by consuming foods high in carbohydrates at the same time. That usually results in gas build up and other gastric related discomfort. This is because the high carbohydrates compels the body to release alkaline to break them down but at the same time it neutralize the acid which either halt or ferments the proteins to be digested.

In conclusion, it is essential that one should not consume more than the ten percent protein of the two thousand calories daily recommended required for maintaining a healthy body. Moreover, high proteins should be consumed separately with greens preferably salads. While, rich plant proteins like nuts can digest well in company of citrus fruits or red berries.