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Obestatin Can Help Weight Loss

Obestatin is an appetite-reducing protein that is also referred to as peptide hormone. It is produced naturally by most mammalsí cell coating in their stomach and small intestine. However, researchers have developed an artificial one that they hope will be adopted for weight control medical therapy in overweight individuals. In the case of human, it is believed it has played an important role in the survival of man in time of scarcity by reducing their nutritional needs at such times. The obestatin hormone has 23 amino acids and is derived form gherlin that consist of 28 amino acids whose effects animals by making them extremely hungry. However, its significance in humans is yet to be known.

Most of the studies on obestatin have been limited to animals that indicate that they age less and lost less than a quarter of their body mass in days. In addition, the least level in the gherlin protein is observed immediately after meals. Researcher, have also pointed out that it reduces food intake and body weight in animals. At present the studies link the circulation of this hormone to the impaired sugar levels in animals but it is closely associated with the duration between each feed intake. While the increase in the gherlin hormone in the body circulation system takes out the effect of hunger reducing protein. This explains why most obese people continue to gain wait despite having higher levels of the appetite reducing protein in their body circulation system. In addition, studies also indicate that levels of obestatin hormone in the animalsí body affect their central nervous systems. Which may explain why animals with high levels of the appetite reducing hormones activity a have lower activity levels while feeding or interacting.

In humans this research finding holds promise of the development and mass production of a magic weight reduction pill. It also means that obese people at risk of diabetics, heart attacks and cancer may be able to take care of their conditions before it is too late. Moreover it may also hold key to the perennial famine outbreaks witnessed in various parts of the world by reducing global demand. Since less food will be consumed less will be mass produced fewer environment polluting equipments will be used and the current rate of global warming will be reduced. The adoption of the hunger suppressing hormone will also go a long way in reduce medical costs that overweight people have had to bear to get the essence of life.

The adoption of Obestatin as a weight medical therapy for overweight people is still an open question. Not much research has been done with humans to judge the benefits of this miracle diet hormone.