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Weight Loss Counseling

Eating disorder is one pain that modern man has to contend with in a society that enjoys plenty in the age of technology. The ever-increasing obesity rate is a disturbing trend that regulators over the world take as a serious health risk that depress national human and economic resource development. Various factors have been linked to a rise in over weight population that cuts across all divides in terms of age and gender. Lousy eating habits, demanding lifestyles, mass produced/junk foods, alcohol, tobacco, pharmaceuticals and narcotics have been the ones usually associated to the flourishing overweight generation. For remedy some self professed or qualified experts in this sector have recommended physical exercise, hypnosis, diet regime kits and medical surgery.

In most cases, weight loss counseling refers to either short or long-term deliberate control of body mass through physical action or change psychological mind set. This is also a full fledge industry on it self with products and programs that capitalist on diet control and obesity. Therefore, one needs to be cautious and objective if they are ever in need these services or products. This is because the industry is still a grey area in most parts of the world and is controlled by weak regulations.

However, medical experts recommend for one to live a full life weight control should be a lifestyle not a fashion statement. It is not a bad idea for people with weight problems that put their life or health at risk to seek weight counseling services. But, one should note that most offer deceitful but expensive instant quick fix weight loss programs that are usually unsustainable and pose serious health risks or even death if not used properly.

Diet pills offered by the diet and herbal supplement producers have regularly been associated to major scandals. This is because most of them are not required to undergo the numerous tests and trials required for approval like all pharmaceutical brands. But healthy lifestyles and moderate physical exercise are the ones that have proved most effective for losing and maintaining weight. Modest and balanced diet of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, lipids and minerals has been touted as key to weight loss. But physical and water aerobics are the ones that have put the industry on the map. On the other hand, telephone and hypnosis counseling techniques for most part have not been accepted by nutrition experts as effective. While medical surgery even though considered extreme has had moderate impact on weight loss if individuals do not adopt dietary controls.

In conclusion, medical expert argue that the most logical and effective system to loss or maintain weight is to wait for food to clear from the body before consuming the next meal. Counseling should only be sought after for only life threatening health reasons. But for most part it is everybody’s responsibility to maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight just in case they want to enjoy the pleasures life has to offer. This does not imply that weight loss counseling can only make up for genetic or medical body failures.