Phentermine and Gastric Bypass Surgery

Obesity can be an extremely serious health concern. Though not dangerous in itself, the indirect risks that are caused by carrying so much additional weight can be quite hazardous. These include a significantly increased chance of heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer. Not to mention it becomes much more challenging to do anything when the body must do so with additional pounds attached. This makes it difficult for the organs to function as efficiently, the joints and muscles are under greater strain, and it becomes more challenging for the person to do anything physical that requires endurance.

It is therefore understandable that many people consider every option in order to help themselves to successfully lose the additional weight so that they are no longer obese. This being said, weight loss can be a very challenging effort. In order to successfully achieve a goal weight, a healthy diet lower in calories and an increase in physical activity are required. Unfortunately, these changes to a person’s lifestyle are not only difficult on their own, but they work against one another as fewer calories mean that a person may not have the energy needed to increase the activity level and remain motivated to keep eating properly. That being said, additional tools people sometimes consider are weight loss drugs such as phentermine 37.5, or surgeries such as gastric bypass surgery.

Gastric bypass surgery works by sewing ninety five percent of the stomach shut so it cannot receive as much food. This causes the individual to reach a feeling of fullness much sooner so that he or she will not be inclined to eat as much food during meals. This can be successful for some people who have tried everything else and are simply unsuccessful in their weight loss efforts.

Before that tactic, though, it is usually recommended that weight loss drugs be tried, first – unless a health condition exists that would prevent the use of such pills. Phentermine, for example, works like gastric bypass surgery in that it makes the user feel full more quickly. It also ensures that the feeling of fullness lasts longer. That being said, it also gives a boost of energy so that the person can continue to keep up exercising even though less energy is being consumed through food – causing fat stores to be burned instead.

Many people who are suffering from obesity are prescribed Phentermine prior to gastric bypass surgery. If this is the case and you have been taking Phentermine it is extremely important that you inform your doctor of this and/or mention it during your pre-op admissions interview. There is a risk that Phentermine may interact negatively with anesthesia and should not be taken for at least one week prior to surgery.

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