Phentermine Use and High Blood Pressure

Like obesity, high blood pressure is an increasingly common condition throughout the country. Often, people suffer from both conditions at the same time as obesity places an individual at a much higher risk of experiencing a higher blood pressure level. Though high blood pressure on its own doesn’t often cause harm to people, it does put them in greater danger of other medical conditions and can make people experience unpleasant symptoms such as occasional dizziness or a throbbing head. It can also cause greater strain on the cardiovascular system, leading to other heart related issues.

That being said, high blood pressure can also cause a negative interaction with various kinds of drugs. Among them is phentermine. If your doctor recommends phentermine to you in order to help you to lose weight – as he or she may as it is the most common weight loss drug in the nation – make sure that you bring up the fact that you are suffering from high blood pressure if that is the case. This will not mean that you will necessarily not be able to take phentermine, but it is a serious consideration when you may be taking the drug, depending on the severity of the high blood pressure issue.

In fact, in many cases, doctors will prescribe phentermine in order to help reduce or even eliminate a high blood pressure problem. This is most often the case when the doctor suspects that the high blood pressure is directly related to the patient’s obesity. Furthermore, when examining the pharmacology of phentermine, it can be seen that it is an amphetamine-related drug which is a chemical comparable to adrenaline. These are known as sympathomimetics as their impact is on the sympathetic nervous system – the area often responsible for increasing the blood pressure in times of stress when “fight or flight” would be required.

In order to ensure that phentermine is having a positive impact on your blood pressure through its influence on the nervous system and its assistance in reducing your weight, it is important to regularly check your blood pressure and take the drug precisely as is recommended by your doctor.

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