Calorie Restricting Diets Limit Weight Loss

Calorie Restricting Diets Limit Weight Loss
Calorie restricting diets limit weight loss because they are too restrictive for most people to follow long-term.

Among the many different kinds of diets that are currently practiced today by people who are trying to reduce their weight, the calorie restricting diets are by far the most commonly used and most readily accepted. However, this does not necessarily mean that this way of dieting is the most effective technique available for decreasing weight.

Increasingly, it is being recognized that calorie restricting diets limit weight loss because they are too restrictive for most people to follow long-term. This is because not only do these types of diets take an exceptional amount of long-term self-discipline in order to follow, but they also are only effective for a short period of time until your metabolism starts slow down, slipping into “starvation mode”.

When you eat fewer calories, your body reacts as though it is facing a famine. This means that its metabolism slows, you burn fewer calories from what you eat, and you burn a smaller amount of the fats that you have already stored. Furthermore, because the metabolism isn’t working as quickly as it used to and calories are being stored away instead of burned off, you have less energy than normal, making it more difficult to exercise.

This means that even if you’re eating less and exercising more, you’ll have a great deal more trouble actually taking the weight off. If you’re storing more fat, burning less fat, and don’t have the energy you need to exercise, you’ll need to increase your efforts with less endurance and willpower to do so. It is at this point – not too long after starting (often as soon as two to three weeks into the diet) that so many people simply give up because their weight loss has hit a plateau and it won’t improve no matter how hard the person tries.

Instead, people who have consulted with their doctors and who have done their research to get the job done will normally choose a form of diet other than calorie reduction. Typically, the most successful diets have to do with properly balancing macro nutrients and nutrition while adding a regular daily exercise routine to the mix. By taking on this kind of weight loss effort instead of simply trying to cut back on calories, the body will naturally shed extra weight more efficiently and you will see a great deal more success.

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