Can You Drink Alcohol in a Healthy and Weight Loss Friendly Way?

Drink Alcohol in a Healthy Way

Now that we’re edging on summertime, it’s natural to want to sit out on a patio and enjoy a good drink. Whether you love beer, wine, or icy cocktails, it can be difficult to know what to choose when you’re also trying to live a healthy and weight loss friendly lifestyle.

Research Says There is No Healthy Way to Drink Alcohol

If you’ve been following the health headlines, you’ll know that study after study is showing that there isn’t a true healthy way to drink alcohol. We used to believe that a bit of red wine was good for us. However, further study has shown that the health drawbacks of drinking alcohol outweigh any potential benefits.

Therefore, if your goal is to be able to drink alcohol and do so in a healthy way, you’re likely to be disappointed. However, if you tweak your goals a little bit and accept that drinking alcohol isn’t something healthy, then you can still aim to drink the options that will have the least negative impact. This is particularly true when it comes to choosing a drink that will have the smallest impact on your waistline.

How to Make the Best Choices for Drinking Alcohol

There are a few great tips that you can use to make sure that you drink alcohol in a way that will have the smallest possible negative impact on your health and weight loss. Use these tips to help make sure you’re enjoying your favorite drinks now and again without sabotaging your wellness.

  • Think of drinking alcohol like having dessert – If you want to live a healthy lifestyle and manage your weight, you have dessert only as an occasional treat. It’s something you have now and again in a small portion so you can enjoy the flavor and texture without going overboard. The same should be said about drinking alcohol. Sure, you can have a drink on occasion, but make it a treat now and again, not something you have in the frequency and quantity of a meal.
  • Watch your mixers – If cocktails are your favorite drinks, remember that it’s not just the alcohol you need to consider. Many mixers such as soda and juice are packed with sugar and empty calories. If you have one small drink, that won’t hurt anything in the grand scheme of things, but having too many can be detrimental to your week’s weight management and nutrition efforts
  • Be wary of coolers, ciders and hard sodas – Like mixed drinks, these pre-made drinks are often high in sugar and calories without bringing any nutrition with it. This can make you max out your daily calories very quickly.
  • Pay attention to your weight management strategy – The drink you choose may also depend on the weight management strategy you’ve chosen. If you’re counting calories, low-cal is the way to go. Paleo diet followers are best served rum, tequila or potato vodka. Keto dieters typically stick to tequila, gin or rum – and some vodkas – which contain zero carbs.

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