Stop Listening to Your Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor for Nutrition Advice

Don't Ask Your Fitness Instructor for Nutrition Advice

Many people feel they can ask their personal trainer or fitness instructor for nutrition advice because these are experts in the body and how it works. Moreover, since diet and exercise tend to work together, it’s natural to ask your exercise pro for tips on what you should be eating, too.  That said, if this has been your habit, it’s time to put a stop to it.

It’s not uncommon to be encouraged to ask a fitness instructor for nutrition advice.  In fact, some will offer it without being asked.  That said, eating strategies are an expertise.  The majority of personal trainers do not have that additional training to the extent that they can make recommendations. In fact, it’s more responsible for one of these fitness experts to avoid giving nutrition recommendations even as they assess a client’s physical activity capacity.

Why Not Ask a Fitness Instructor for Nutrition Advice?

When it all comes down to it, the main reason you shouldn’t ask a fitness instructor for nutrition advice is a lack of qualification. It’s just not what they’re trained to do.  Even with many years’ experience in physical training and successfully keeping up their own nutrition routines, it’s still not their field.

On a general basis, these pros likely know more than the average person about how various nutrients impact the body, particularly when it comes to athletic performance. However, that is very different from providing an individual with personalized dietary recommendations.

Certification courses do involve a certain amount of instruction regarding diet.  So it’s understandable to think you can ask a fitness instructor for nutrition advice. In fact, personal trainer exams will frequently involve questions regarding how to advise a client.

That said, the answer to those questions are essentially to direct all clients to the official USDA dietary guidelines.  It may also involve encouraging a client to speak with a registered dietitian (R.D.) for personalized guidance.

Speak with a Registered Dietitian Instead

If you want great information and feel inclined to ask your fitness instructor for nutritional advice, simply turn the corner and ask a different expert instead. Do yourself this favor.

Registered dietitians are highly trained in their field. They need to undergo specific education, including internships, shadowing or other types of experiential elements to their programs. They must undergo testing and obtain a license.  Moreover, they need to keep up their education to maintain their certification.

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