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Phentermine diet pills are included in the drug class called amphetamines. Its uses include appetite suppression as well as providing an energy boost to compensate for the decrease in calories that is required in order for a person to successfully lose weight. It is a drug that is available by prescription only, and is prescribed alongside recommendations for a nutritious diet that includes reasonable portions, as well as a healthy exercise level.  Some doctors will even suggest counseling in order to help to overcome eating issues that are leading to increases in weight.

There are strict guidelines which must be followed by doctors in order to select the right candidates for the use of this drug.  It is not a medication to be prescribed for simple cosmetic weight loss.  Instead, there are two types of people who qualify for its use.  People who carry excess weight which is causing them to experience significant health risks or those who are already experiencing medical problems as a result of their obesity.  They must already have a high body mass index (BMI) and may or may not already have hypertension or high cholesterol.  As the drug’s efficacy decreases over time and it does risk side-effects when used over time, phentermine is a weight loss drug designed to be used only for the short-term.

It is important to always use this drug under the guidance of a licensed doctor and to only take the drug according to the directions with the prescription.  Though many people are tempted to tamper with their own dosage, the timing and dose of the medication must be properly balanced over time in order to achieve the most desirable results without risking unpleasant side effects. Buy Phentermine Online

Phentermine functions in the same way as other amphetamines, by impacting a specific group of neurotransmitters as well as the hypothalamus gland in the brain, both of which are integral to the appetite and feeling the sensation of being hungry.  Though the precise reason that phentermine causes the appetite to be suppressed is yet unknown, though there are two prevailing theories.  The first is that the communication between the stomach and brain becomes modified so that the brain is convinced that the stomach is full, even when it is not.  The second is that the “fight-or-flight” mechanism is triggered.  The hypothalamus is also behind that response.  When people are feeling fear, they do not feel hungry.  Therefore, phentermine may have that same reaction (except, without the fearful sensation).