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When you are obese and are trying to decide which weight loss medication is most effective and yet has as few unpleasant side effects as possible, it can be very challenging to find real information that you can believe.  True, your doctor may have a preference or two, but it is important to educate yourself so that you are able to make your own informed decisions based on what you know about your life, your health, and your weight loss expectations. 

Performing searches online can provide information, but it is sometimes difficult to tell if you are reading something legitimate, or simply a sales piece that is designed to make a certain drug look good or a competing drug look bad.  Once you’ve read all of the “official” materials that are put out by the manufacturer and those who are licensed to distribute the drug, another good option for getting a more practical idea of what using phentermine is all about is to go on a phentermine forum and see what people have to say.

Not only will you be able to read about the experiences that other people have had or are having with the drug, but you can also read about the questions and concerns that some users have had with their own experiences.  This may help you to come up with some questions of your own that you can either ask your doctor, or ask the other people using the forum (or, even better, both!).

Moreover, a good phentermine forum allows you to read up on the drug and ask questions while maintaining your anonymity.  This way, you can discuss various private and medical issues that concern you about the use of the drug without any risk of feeling as though people will know that you are the one who has asked the question.  This freedom provides a great deal of comfort when it comes to truly expressing yourself honestly without feeling that you need to hide or alter any of the details.

When looking for a good quality phentermine no prescription forum that can help you to make decisions and gain information about the drug and its use, look for one that has posts that provide accurate advice that is reliable and often referenced to studies and other official, trustworthy sources, user friendliness, free membership, helpful, supportive moderators, a regular active use, a good base of members, and a supportive community that is not rude or judgmental.


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