Things You Learned from the Internet that are Preventing Weight Loss

is bad advice preventing weight lossWhat you’ve learned might just be preventing weight loss. It’s hard to look anywhere online without running into tips, tricks and promises about weight loss. Every now and again, you’ll come across a real gem you’ve never seen before and that can make all the difference. At the same time, those fantastic facts are peppered with myths and misinformation.

Some of the tips you’ll read online will seem to make a lot of sense, despite the fact that they’re not true. Consider the following tips you’ll discover all over the net that are only partially true or that are completely inaccurate, preventing weight loss.

Breakfast makes your metabolism speed up – the first meal of the day is often seen as the most important one. A great deal of research shows that making breakfast the largest meal of the day will lead to faster and easier weight loss. However, it doesn’t look as though breakfast actually causes the metabolism to run more quickly. Instead, it provides energy first thing in the day so you will be more prepared to exercise and keep up with your day without giving in to food cravings based on being tired.

Eating a large number of small meals is better than eating fewer larger ones – this is also only partly true. This works for some people but not all. It can help people to keep the feeling of being starving away. This can make it more possible to make smart eating choices when it comes to the foods you pick. However, many people who are used to eating large meals don’t naturally choose the right portion sizes when they eat more meals. This can actually mean that they will pile on the calories instead of cutting back on them.

Age destroys your metabolism – while many people do experience a slowing of their metabolisms as they get older, this isn’t a requirement of aging. You can also add speed to your metabolism again at any age. If you become less active as you age, your metabolism will slow. However, if you keep up with an exercise routine and pay attention to both strength training and cardio, you’ll keep that metabolism driven high.

Skipped meals will destroy your metabolism – skipping meals on a regular basis is indeed bad for your weight loss efforts. However, this is only capable of preventing weight loss when it occurs regularly. It won’t cause any harm if you miss a meal on the odd occasion.

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